Social Shop: Leveraging Social Media Marketing For Your Brand

Authored By:
Elizabeth Knapp
SVP, Research Director
Leo Burnett

Social media have woven themselves into our everyday lives and now are impacting the way that many people shop for and engage with brands.  As the reach of social media extends, there is a real desire and need for brand marketers to understand who uses social media to shop, how they use it and why so as to leverage the unique strengths of these channels.  Too often, brand marketers may rush to put social media marketing plans into place without considering these very basic questions.

To develop an understanding of the dynamics of shopping through social media, members of the Retail, Digital, and Research groups at Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide jointly conducted a multiphase research project appropriately named “SocialShop.”  SocialShop involved a combination of quantitative and qualitative studies aimed at gaining insights into questions such as:

  • How many people are using social media platforms for shopping?
  • Do all social shoppers behave similarly or are there some social shoppers that are more important to understand than others?
  • Which platforms do social shoppers use and why do they use them?
  • Does the product category they are shopping for impact how they engage in social shopping?
  • How should brands think about the best way to employ social media marketing?

The goal of this article is to share some research-based insights that were found while exploring the world of social shopping.  The article also shares a framework for brand marketers to use in creating their own social media marketing solutions.

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