Mixing Up The Marketing Mix

A year ago, when we were thinking about marketing at retail, we looked for glimmers of uptick, worried that some businesses might not make it, and girded our loins for more of the same.

Well, 2011 isn’t turning out as bad as we thought, and, dare we say, in some ways it is better than we could have ever expected.

As an industry, marketing at retail has had its fair share of ups-and-downs over the course of the recession, and while business hasn’t returned back to ‘normal’, things really are beginning to look up.

As the industry continued to march forward, pulling the U.S. economy along with it, we saw an explosion of research activity around marketing at retail, shopper marketing, and shopper behavior.  The development of exciting new tools and technologies such as smartphones, eye-tracking devices, and neuroscience monitoring have contributed to this explosion by allowing investigators to address a wide range of questions about what makes today’s shopper tick in real time in the in-store setting.

In trying to keep up with the furious pace at which practitioners and academics of marketing at retail are producing data, our field is experiencing the need for peer-reviewed journals that can publish important findings in a timely manner. In an attempt to stay on top of this exciting wave, many researchers send their most timely results to journals that are dominated by marketing and advertising that focus on the consumer, not the shopper.  This primarily allows the researchers to take advantage of the rapid publication time that these journals offer.  Unfortunately research on the consumer is abundant and the examination of the shopper is more scarce in these publications, meaning that these papers are not always clearly positioned in their proper context.

In an effort to address this issue, Point of Purchase Advertising (POPAI) assembled an editorial review board of the foremost thinking retail and shopper marketing academics from around the world to help launch the Journal of Marketing At Retail (JMAR).

Not only are we are fortunate to have such dedicated and knowledgeable  academics serving on our editorial review board, but more importantly it is the dedication and contribution that each member has made to further the industry that is truly inspiring. We look forward to publishing papers representing the most important advances in the marketing at retail discipline as well as empirical approaches that make up the field.

Richard R. Winter

Acting, Editor-in-Chief

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